Caution: Zebras!

Tim Hardy visits South Africa to fly The Airplane Factory's Sling 2 and 4 Aircraft and take in an aerial safari

Caution: Zebras!


Back in 2015, TAF's UK Distributor, Tim Hardy, decided he wanted to build his own aircraft from the ground up. The list of his requirements were that it had to be an aluminium aircraft kit, easy and quick to build, two seats side by side with fun flight characteristics and certainly nicer to look at than the RV-12.


He began his search with the usual suspects failing to get inspiration but then had a look at the Sling. The response he received from our Head Office resulted in a flight over to check out the Sling 2, visit the factory, meet our team and fly cross country to get a feel for the aircraft - Needless to say, he was hooked!


Shortly after, Tim went on to compose an article about his trip which was published in Light Aviation Magazine. Caution: Zebras! Sure, they look cute enough but you wouldn’t want to have an argument with one in a light aircraft. Gives ‘runway incursion’ a whole new perspective! Please feel free to download Caution: Zebras below. This is his story.


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